Story of SEFERIS...

SEFERIS name is coming from “Ismail from Seferihisar”, in other words from my dad İsmail Irmak. We are living in Seferihisar for 7 generations (may be more). My mom Asuman Irmak joined my dad after getting retired and for years they are farming with love. Our olive field on the hill was more like a wild jungle before mom and dad decided to make a farm out of it. It was pure imagination of two people who like to work and live with nature. They trimmed old trees and made them younger, planted new trees to empty spaces, treated wild trees and planted so many different kind of fruit trees. With their efforts it became a really nice farm with olive and other fruit trees, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits. In short they treated the “Ismail Aga’s heaven” in my terms. Some of our old trees are 300 years old, the ones we planted are now around 5 years old.

3 years before Izmır Municipality Peninsula Organic project came to our town, Seferihisar. Then we said “why we are not also getting organic certification?” and then joined the project. We learnt guidelines for organic production and so many important subjects including fertilizing, watering, planting and trimming. We applied what we learnt, got certified and became the first organic producer of Seferihisar.

We were certified but we couldn’t offer the products that we produced with so much effort to consumers as we wanted. Here I stepped in as the daughter and convinced my family to have a registered brand. My cousin was godmother and offered us SEFERIS name, we like it so much as we heard it and applied for brand registration. So I turned my career from computer engineering to organic farming after the birth of my son.